About Us
Botou Haina Pump Industry CO.,Ltd located in the country’s foundry town – botou. Our factory is one of the Chinese pump industries groups, which is the specialized plant making ministry. It is the domestic main enterprise of gear pump profession.
Our factory have passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system authentication, and the Chinese Classification society pattern approval, and has obtained the ship with the product pattern approval certificate, meanwhile passed the People’s Republic of China Fishery Ships Examination.
We also passed CE certification, and CCS, BV, DNV, KR, LR, GL, NK, RINA, ABS marine certificates.
The company was founded in 1996, the haina company after ten years of development has become the the Botou pump industry’s leading enterprises, under the cast, the production of two plants, one marketing company, covers an area of 9000 square meters, east by the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed, facing State Road 104, the transportation is very convenient. I plant collection of research, development, production and detection in one. I plant in the industry in 2007 took the lead through the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. In 2000 the production license of the stainless steel gear pump and fuel pump. I plant specializing in the production of gear pumps, KCG-type heat pump, screw pump, KCB, 2CY, YCB, 2CG, CB, CB-B series gear pump, the GA asphalt insulation pump, LQRY, the BRY series high temperature heat conduction oil pump, CYZ self-priming centrifugal pump,CYB-S oil pump. Widely used in petroleum, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing and other industries, high-temperature pump good quality and low price, high quality service has won the reliance and praise of domestic and international customers. The Haina you create brilliant.
Our main products KCB, 2CY, the YCB three series gear pump, stainless steel gear pumps, the NYP high viscosity pump, Model ZYB residue pump, RY, BRY ,LQRY air-cooled high-temperature heat-conducting oil pump, diesel pump, fuel pump, KCG 2CG type heat pumps, 20 how big series nearly all kinds of model oil pump products sold throughout the major cities, are received by users. Please call the company and ordered the company’s pump products.