3 inch internal gear pump

3 Inch Internal Gear Pump

3 Inch Internal Gear Pump made of cast iron or stainless steel; Inlet and outlet is DN80 mm ,PN16; With 15KW motor@1.0MPA.

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Internal gear pump main industries used:

  • Chemical and petrochemical: petroleum, additives, polymers, lubricating oil, oil, wax, asphalt, rosin.
  • Plastic polyester: Polyester, epoxy, hardener, isocyanate, moderator, resin.
  • Paint: ink, ink, dye, paint, solvent, ink, rubber solution, viscose, latex.
  • Pulp and paper making: glue, adhesive, black liquor, caustic soda.
  • Daily chemical industry: sulfonic acid, alkyl benzene, fatty alcohol, detergent, shaving cream, face cream, shampoo, soap liquid.
  • Food industry: Vegetable oil, lecithin, syrup, chocolate yeast, protein, honey, glycerin, essence.
  • Chemical fiber industry: viscose, caustic soda, dyes.
  • Complete set of equipment: polyester equipment, chocolate equipment, lubricating oil circulation, printing machinery, asphalt machinery, asphalt vehicles.

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