PX Air Diaphragm Pump
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Air Diaphragm Pump

SS304 SS316 SS316L
Cast iron

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Haina is the professional and well know diaphragm pump manufacturers in China. The company has professional design and development team, and established a perfect production management, quality control, and market development of the system. Through technical and management innovation to increase the competitiveness.

Air diaphragm pump using the new design air valve, high efficient and durable, no need lubrication, no dead spots, the head up to 84 meters. Haina committed to providing high quality products and services to fully meet customer and market needs. We sell the pumps to about 40 countries per year, glad to cooperate with you.

PX air diaphragm pump main use

Coatings industry: pumping all kinds of paint, rubber, paint, coatings, etc.
Glue and glue: all kinds of available pumping.
Ceramic industry: pumping all kinds of tiles, porcelain, tiles, and pottery glaze slurry, etc.
Mining industry, oil drilling, pumped sediments and grouting.Pumping mines, tunnels, tunnels, ore dressing, slag in water.Pumping cement grout and mortar.
Chemical industry: pumping of emulsion and packing, all kinds of rubber paste, all kinds of abrasive, corrosion inhibitor, oil and mud, cleaning oil dirties and general containers, a variety of highly toxic, flammable, volatile liquid, all kinds of strong acid, strong alkali, corrosion, etc.
Environmental protection, wastewater treatment industry: pumping all kinds of sewage, supporting plate and frame filter press.
Shipping industry: use a pump for oil tankers, barges clearance to take in sewage.
Pumping a variety of high temperature liquid up to 150 ℃
Food industry: pumping peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, little sausage, jam apple pulp raw material, chocolate, essence, hops and yeast slurry, syrup, sugar, etc.

Model Max.Flow
Suction and discharge size
Particle Diameter
PX-06/10 27 70 1/4–3/8 1.6
PX-15 57 84 1/2–3/4 2.5
PX-25 157 84 1/2 4
PX-40 358 84 1 1/2 5
PX-50 587 84 2 6
PX-80 1060 84 3 9.4

Air diaphragm pump manufacturer and air diaphragm pump seal please contact china haina pumps.

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