Asphalt Screw Pump
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Asphalt Screw Pump

Product name:asphalt screw pump
Manufacturer: china haina pumps
Flow:3-300 M3/h
Discharge pressure:0.2-2.5MPA
Working temperature:Less than 350℃
Speed: 960-1450r/min
Driving mode: electric motor
Heating:Pump body with jacketed

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Haina brand asphalt screw pump (heat preservation bitumen pump) is a newly desinged rotor displacement pump, with unique desgin of double jacket casing, also with small volume, high speed allowed, small plusation, stable capacity, low noise, high efficiency.
Applicable to pump a variety of substance with temperature below 350℃ and high vicosity of 30-760mm2/s(1.2-100 °E).

Asphalt screw pump main usage

Pump fuel oil, crude oil, heavy oil, asphalt, rubber, resin such various types of lubrication oil-type liquod in industries of petrol eum, chemical fiber, metallurgy, road construction, electrity, mining, shipbuilting, glass, rubber.

Asphalt screw pump data

Asphalt screw pump data


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