RY air-cooled hot oil-pump

RY Air-cooled Hot Oil-pump – Hot Oil Circulation Pump

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RY Air-cooled Hot Oil-pump Product Details:

RY Air-cooled Hot Oil-pump is reasonable in structure, good in performance and reliable in use.

Suitable for conveying high temperature liquid without solid particles.

Its corrosion resistance and operating temperature depend on the materials of the main parts in contact with the media (divided into three categories: 1.HT200;  2. The ZG230-450; 3. 1 cr18ni9ti OCr18Ni12 – Mo2Ti)

RY Air-cooled Hot Oil-pump scope of application:

  1. Petroleum and chemical industry
  2. Oil industry
  3. Synthetic fiber industry
  4. Textile printing and dyeing industry
  5. Plastics and rubber industry
  6. Paper industry
  7. Timber industry
  8. Construction industry

RY Air-cooled Hot Oil-pump Structure Introduction:

  1. The RY type heat pump is a single-stage cantilever structure, which is divided into foot support and center support. The inlet of the pump is axial suction and the outlet is vertical upward.
  2. Pump and drive motor are mounted on the same base by elastic coupling.
  3. No cooling system is required for the whole unit.On the whole, this pump reforms the traditional construction, choosing natural cooling type, reducing the volume, simple constr-uction and save carrying.
  4. RY series heat conduction pump is mainly composed of shell, rotor, bearing, seal and other parts. It adopts packing seal structure and adds heat resistant oil seal, which ACTS as auxiliary seal.
  5. The pump and motor are connected by three – claw elastic coupling.
  6. RY series of heat conduction oil pump on the pump from the design changed the traditional structure of hot oil pump, the cooling system of using natural cooling, reduce the volume of the pump, the structure is simple, save operating cost, safe and reliable.


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