Three Screw Pump With Jacketed
Three Screw Pump With Jacketedjacketed screw pump for asphalt3QGB-3GBW-LQ3G Screw PumpThree Screw Pump With Jacketed made in China haina pumpJacketed Screw PumpThree Screw Pump With Jacketed 3GBW LQ3G 3QGB

Three Screw Pump With Jacketed

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3QGB three screw pump with jacketed as a positive displacement pump rotor type.Made of special type wire spiral surface active screw rotates, the dynamic seal chamber to the liquid by suction suction and along the axial continuous, pulseless conveying to the outlet.Main stem adopts hydraulic balance, from the axial force of support on the back cover, and driven by hydraulic pressure to rotate, thus only transfer hydraulic torque screw profile, not force, no wear and tear.Main rod by balance piston radial orientation, balance and with the aid of the clearance between the piston and sleeve seal and make high pressure cavity separately, in a sealed cavity is equipped with mechanical seal, cavity of the oil return oil hole and pump suction chamber are interlinked, and thus are not affected by the influence of the discharge pressure.Pump driven by motor through claw type coupling.3QGB three screw pump with jacketed made in china haina pump ,To pump from the main shaft overhang end to see, for clockwise.Component combination series, a bottom plate, scaffolding, column foot type of structure.Can be used for horizontal, flange and vertical installation, pump about import and export direction can be replaced.

1.temp: below 350 degree
2. viscosity:3-760cSt,

Jacketed screw pump medium transfer

1,.conveying liquid stationary, no pulse, no stirring, little vibration, low noise.
2,.have very strong self-priming performance, heterogeneous mixing to lose, gas rate is not higher than 80%, sand concent not higher than 500 g/m3.
3, the outer bearing structure, adopt independent lubrication, can transport all kinds of lubricity medium.
4, the synchronous gear drive, two rotor between contact, even for a short time idle also just as well.
5,jacketed screw pump body with heating jacketed, can transport all kinds of clean or containing solid granule of low viscosity and high viscosity medium (general particle diameter less than 0.12-0.2 mm)
6, the correct selection of materials, and even can transport a lot of corrosive medium.
7, double suction type structure, there is no rotor axial force.
8 and end use of mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal, with long life, less leakage, wide application characteristics.

Three Screw Pump With Jacketed Data

Three Screw Pump With Jacketed 3QGB Type Data sheet China haina pumps

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