Twin Screw Pump
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Twin Screw Pump

Pressure range:4.0MPa
Capacity range:1—2000m3/h
Origin: China
Manufacturer:Botou Haina Pump Industry CO.,Ltd
Temperature range: -15℃–280℃
Material:Stainless Steel,cast iron
Motor:100% Copper Wire

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Haina brand twin screw pump application industry:
Ship building : used for marine as cargo and stripping pump, ballast pump, lubricating oil pump for main machine, feul oil transfer and spray pump, load or unload oil pump.
Power plant: Heavy and crude oil transfer pump, Heavy oil burning pump. Chemical industry: Transfer for variovs acid, alkali solution, resin, colour, printing ink, paint, glycirine and paraffin wax.
Oil refinery: Transfer for various heating oil, asphalt oil, tar, emulsion, as—phalt, and also loading and unloading various oil goods for oil tanker and oilpool.
Food industry: used for brewery, food products factory, sugarrefinery, tin fac—tory to transfer for alcohol, honey, sugar juice, toothpaste, milk cream, soysauce, vegetable oil, animal oil and wine.
Oil field: Transfer for various oil goods and crude oil and etc.

Twin screw pump Advantages:

1, smooth conveying liquid, no pulse, no stirring, little vibration, low noise.
2, strong self-priming performance, multiphase mixture to lose, gas rate is not higher than 80%, the sediment concentration is not higher than 500 g/m3.
3, the outer bearing structure, the use of independent lubrication, non-lubricative can transport all kinds of media.
4, adopts synchronous gear drive, no contact between the rotor and idling it even a short time.
5, the twin screw pump body with a heating jacket, can transport all kinds of clean or low viscosity containing solid particles, or high viscosity media (average particle diameter less than 0.12 to 0.12 mm)
6, the correct selection of materials, and even can deliver many corrosive medium.
7, the double suction type structure, no axial force on the rotor.
8, shaft end adopts mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal, with long service life, less leakage, the characteristics of the wide range of application.

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