KCB 18.3 Gear Pump

kcb-18.3 gear pump

KCB – 18.3 to 18.3 litres per minute gear pump flow, pressure is 1.45 MPA, 1.5 KW – 4 motor, speed 1450 RPM.Buy KCB 18.3 gear pump, KCB18.3 pump please contact us
KCB18.3 gear pump made of cast iron and stainless steel, two kinds.According to different working condition choose different material KCB gear pump is very important, working condition including temperature, acid and alkali liquid, the liquid viscosity, lubricity, etc,
Motor, KCB-18.3 gear pump can match 1.5 KW – 4 common motor or explosion-proof motor.You can also change the motor speed to reduce the traffic.
KCB – 18.3 gear pump parameters are as follows:
Traffic: 18.3 L/min
Outlet pressure: 1.45 MPA
The motor power: 1.5 KW
Base for cast iron base.
In and out of the diameter: 3/4 inch (threaded connections)