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FZB Fluorine Plastic Self-priming Pump – Acid Pump

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non-aging, high mechanical strength, smooth operation, advanced and reasonable structure, strict and reliable sealing performance, convenient disassembly and maintenance, long service life and other advantages. Can be used in a certain range instead of liquid pump. Self-priming height can be determined from 1 to 5 meters according to the density of the medium.


Molasses high viscosity gear pump

Molasses is a thick, dark brown, semi-fluid substance, mainly containing sucrose. The content of pantotic acid in sucrose is relatively high, up to 37mg/kg. In addition, the content of biotin is also considerable, which is easy to be mixed into soybean molasses and molasses fermentation broth. Molasses [1] is the by-product of the sugar industry, composed of sugar for raw materials, processing conditions and there are differences, which mainly contains a lot of fermentable sugars (mainly the sucrose), so it is very good fermentation raw materials, can be used as yeast, monosodium glutamate, organic acid fermentation products such as substrate or makings, can be used as a certain food ingredients and animal feed. Sugar beet molasses, sugar cane molasses, grape molasses, corn molasses, and transformed molasses and refined molasses are the major molasses producers. A by-product of the sugar industry. In the process of sugar making, the brown viscous liquid remains after the crystallization of sugar. Belongs to energy feed, because of sweet taste, used as seasoning. According to the raw materials of sugar can be divided into sugar cane molasses, beet molasses and starch molasses. The nutrients of molasses vary. The general sugar cane molasses and beet molasses were expressed as converted sugar, and the total sugar content was 48.0% and 49.0%, respectively. Water content: 25.0%, 23.0%; Crude protein 3.0% and 6.5%. Starch molasses is a by-product of glucose production after enzymatic hydrolysis of cereal starch. The total sugar content is more than 50.0%, the water content is 27.0%, and the crude protein content is very small. [2] Nutritional properties Molasses containing a small amount of crude protein, 3% ~ 6%, much as part of the nonprotein nitrogen, such as ammonia, amide and nitrates, which accounts for only 38% ~ 50%, nitrogen amino acid and non-essential amino acids such as aspartic acid, glutamic acid content is more, so the protein biological value is low, but aspartic and glutamic acid are a flavor amino acids, it can greatly stimulate the animal used for animal feed in the appetite. The main component of molasses is sugar. Sugarcane molasses contains about 24%~36% sucrose and other sugars about 12%~24% sucrose. Almost all sugar in beet molasses is sucrose, about 47%. In addition, it contains 3%~4% soluble colloid, mainly xylose, Arabic gum and pectin. The mineral content of molasses is high, about 8%~10%, but the content of calcium and phosphorus is not high, sugarRead More…


Electric diaphragm pump selection Notes

Electric diaphragm pump selection Notes: I. Choose the diaphragm correctly The main component of the electric diaphragm pump is the diaphragm. The correct selection of the diaphragm can achieve twice the result with half the effort, the user should indicate the nature of the delivery medium when ordering, so that the factory is equipped with different diaphragms, generally diaphragms have the following: 1. Ding Qing diaphragm; Mainly used in oil-resistant applications. This unit is specially made for acetone and various acids and bases. 3. Fluororubber 6021# this unit is specially made, mainly used for high temperature 150℃ :, resistant to armour and heavy duty and corrosion. But the price is higher than other diaphragms. 4. Food rubber, specially used for food and drink delivery. II. Matters needing attention 1. It is strictly prohibited to install the valve at the outlet of the electric diaphragm pump, if necessary; To install the safety valve at the exit, the working pressure should not exceed 4kg, so as not to cause loss. 2. Oil in time to keep the lubrication system in normal operation. 3. Electric diaphragm pump in the use of the ambient temperature should be less than 40℃, motor temperature must not exceed 75℃. 4. The medium to be transported and its temperature should be within the allowable range of the pump material. 5 for the delivery of liquid is easy to precipitate crystallization of the medium, after use should be cleaned in time to remove the electric diaphragm pump, so as not to open the damage.


Haina sewage pump develops new trends in the industry

Focusing on environmental protection and energy saving, haina sewage pump develops new trends in the industry. As we all know, the fourth industrial revolution is gaining momentum around the world, leading human society to a new development trend. And our country becomes the main participant of this revolution and promoter. However, while promoting the rapid economic development through industrial reform and adjustment, it also causes the continuous deterioration of the ecological environment, which becomes a serious obstacle to the further economic development, and water pollution is a significant sign. In order to solve water pollution, the Chinese government has formulated an ecology-friendly development strategy and actively constructed a system of harmonious development between man and nature. Haina is an example of striving to implement the national environmental protection strategy and constantly promoting its own development through scientific and technological innovation. In 2001, a future industry famous brand was born in Hebei beach, this is haina pump industry manufacturing co., LTD. Through 20 years of hard work, haina has been continuously accumulating and quietly moving forward. Now it has developed into a modern large-scale enterprise integrating r&d, production, sales and other functions. In the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, construction and many other industries, you can see the figure of haina products, so it has obtained a broad market visibility. It is reported that haina attaches great importance to the quality of products, to create a rich connotation of the sales service network, to win the extensive trust of customers, to become a leader of the industry development era. In order to further focus on the guidance of national environmental protection industry and make low-carbon production and lifestyle become the trend of The Times, haina based on its own advantages and learned from foreign advanced technologies in an all-round way to create a series of products in line with national standards of sewage pump. In this kind of series of products, and QW submersible sewage pump as the biggest highlight. Its main advantages are as follows: first, it optimizes the structural design, selects high-strength alloy, replaces static seal with dynamic seal and satisfies single channel transportation. Second, it has excellent characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The third is easy to install, does not occupy too much land, and can continue to operate safely. Haina’s QW submersible sewage pump can completely solve the problem of rapid transport of complex water bodiesRead More…


Magnetic pump development

With the rapid development of industry, the problem of environmental pollution should not be ignored. Developed countries have realized that in the past chemical industry development process in the rapid neglect of environmental damage caused by the leakage problem, so with all accidental injury legislation in the early damage in the medium must be no leakage pump to pump, or must bear the additional high environmental costs. The beauty of nature surrounds the leak-free pump to pump of mandatory environmental pollution since 2000. Leak-free pumps will be available in pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical plants in Europe and the americas, and almost all media will use magnetic pump except water. In addition to no leakage, no leakage pump, maintenance free, long life, and many other advantages. The same is true in China, where the government and companies are gradually starting to reflect the initial stage of development and pay a high price, as the product of the economic development has reached a certain stage. In the past two years, with the chlorine gas leakage of the circulating liquid, the toxic chemical medium pollution and the explosion of the chemical plant, causing environmental damage and making people realize the importance of safe production. How to reduce leakage is increasingly an urgent issue for companies to produce, and even for government regulation and legislation to consider. There are two kinds of leakage-free pump technology, one is the shield pump to Japan represented; The other is the magnetic pump represented in Europe and the United States, a branch of nansheng company, was invented in 1946 in the United Kingdom HMD. Despite the advantages of easy maintenance and simple operation of magnetic pumps relative to shielded pumps, shielded pumps were introduced long before magnetic pumps were enclosed in the market. And magnetic pump quality, performance and application capacity has not been due to the affirmation, the reasons are various. Some enterprise product design and manufacturing quality control is not enough, training the customer’s application and service concern is enough one of the main reasons. In fact, magnetic pumps are widely used, especially for flammable, explosive, highly toxic, high power, high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion of the harsh liquid transport process. Therefore, the development of the market is dominated by the increasingly updated user concept and the constantly innovative technology of the magnetic pump itself. The major manufacturers in the Chinese market focus on productRead More…