Haina sewage pump develops new trends in the industry

Focusing on environmental protection and energy saving, haina sewage pump develops new trends in the industry.

As we all know, the fourth industrial revolution is gaining momentum around the world, leading human society to a new development trend.
And our country becomes the main participant of this revolution and promoter.
However, while promoting the rapid economic development through industrial reform and adjustment, it also causes the continuous deterioration of the ecological environment, which becomes a serious obstacle to the further economic development, and water pollution is a significant sign.
In order to solve water pollution, the Chinese government has formulated an ecology-friendly development strategy and actively constructed a system of harmonious development between man and nature.
Haina is an example of striving to implement the national environmental protection strategy and constantly promoting its own development through scientific and technological innovation.

In 2001, a future industry famous brand was born in Hebei beach, this is haina pump industry manufacturing co., LTD.
Through 20 years of hard work, haina has been continuously accumulating and quietly moving forward. Now it has developed into a modern large-scale enterprise integrating r&d, production, sales and other functions.
In the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, construction and many other industries, you can see the figure of haina products, so it has obtained a broad market visibility.
It is reported that haina attaches great importance to the quality of products, to create a rich connotation of the sales service network, to win the extensive trust of customers, to become a leader of the industry development era.

In order to further focus on the guidance of national environmental protection industry and make low-carbon production and lifestyle become the trend of The Times, haina based on its own advantages and learned from foreign advanced technologies in an all-round way to create a series of products in line with national standards of sewage pump.
In this kind of series of products, and QW submersible sewage pump as the biggest highlight.
Its main advantages are as follows: first, it optimizes the structural design, selects high-strength alloy, replaces static seal with dynamic seal and satisfies single channel transportation.
Second, it has excellent characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
The third is easy to install, does not occupy too much land, and can continue to operate safely.

Haina’s QW submersible sewage pump can completely solve the problem of rapid transport of complex water bodies in the construction industry and mining enterprises, and has a wide range of USES in the residential area sewage discharge, urban sewage pipe network and other links, is a rare environmental protection energy-saving products.
In order to highlight the sales results, haina fully set up a sales service team, make full use of the network marketing function, achieve product information grafting, to create a security network with the customer’s interests as the biggest goal.
At the same time, carry out round-the-clock service mode, at any time to answer customer consultation, to protect their fundamental interests.

Creating high quality products is the constant goal of haina.
Under the premise of adhering to this initial heart, haina constantly enriches its own product types, expands external publicity, builds up the potential for future development, and continues to explore the beautiful future of its own development!