Electric diaphragm pump selection Notes

Electric diaphragm pump selection Notes:

I. Choose the diaphragm correctly

The main component of the electric diaphragm pump is the diaphragm. The correct selection of the diaphragm can achieve twice the result with half the effort, the user should indicate the nature of the delivery medium when ordering, so that the factory is equipped with different diaphragms, generally diaphragms have the following:

1. Ding Qing diaphragm;
Mainly used in oil-resistant applications.

This unit is specially made for acetone and various acids and bases.

3. Fluororubber 6021# this unit is specially made, mainly used for high temperature 150℃ :, resistant to armour and heavy duty and corrosion.
But the price is higher than other diaphragms.

4. Food rubber, specially used for food and drink delivery.

II. Matters needing attention

1. It is strictly prohibited to install the valve at the outlet of the electric diaphragm pump, if necessary;
To install the safety valve at the exit, the working pressure should not exceed 4kg, so as not to cause loss.

2. Oil in time to keep the lubrication system in normal operation.

3. Electric diaphragm pump in the use of the ambient temperature should be less than 40℃, motor temperature must not exceed 75℃.

4. The medium to be transported and its temperature should be within the allowable range of the pump material.

5 for the delivery of liquid is easy to precipitate crystallization of the medium, after use should be cleaned in time to remove the electric diaphragm pump, so as not to open the damage.