Molasses high viscosity gear pump

Molasses is a thick, dark brown, semi-fluid substance, mainly containing sucrose. The content of pantotic acid in sucrose is relatively high, up to 37mg/kg. In addition, the content of biotin is also considerable, which is easy to be mixed into soybean molasses and molasses fermentation broth.

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Molasses [1] is the by-product of the sugar industry, composed of sugar for raw materials, processing conditions and there are differences, which mainly contains a lot of fermentable sugars (mainly the sucrose), so it is very good fermentation raw materials, can be used as yeast, monosodium glutamate, organic acid fermentation products such as substrate or makings, can be used as a certain food ingredients and animal feed.
Sugar beet molasses, sugar cane molasses, grape molasses, corn molasses, and transformed molasses and refined molasses are the major molasses producers.
A by-product of the sugar industry.
In the process of sugar making, the brown viscous liquid remains after the crystallization of sugar.
Belongs to energy feed, because of sweet taste, used as seasoning.
According to the raw materials of sugar can be divided into sugar cane molasses, beet molasses and starch molasses.
The nutrients of molasses vary.
The general sugar cane molasses and beet molasses were expressed as converted sugar, and the total sugar content was 48.0% and 49.0%, respectively.
Water content: 25.0%, 23.0%;
Crude protein 3.0% and 6.5%.
Starch molasses is a by-product of glucose production after enzymatic hydrolysis of cereal starch. The total sugar content is more than 50.0%, the water content is 27.0%, and the crude protein content is very small.
Nutritional properties
Molasses containing a small amount of crude protein, 3% ~ 6%, much as part of the nonprotein nitrogen, such as ammonia, amide and nitrates, which accounts for only 38% ~ 50%, nitrogen amino acid and non-essential amino acids such as aspartic acid, glutamic acid content is more, so the protein biological value is low, but aspartic and glutamic acid are a flavor amino acids, it can greatly stimulate the animal used for animal feed in the appetite.
The main component of molasses is sugar. Sugarcane molasses contains about 24%~36% sucrose and other sugars about 12%~24% sucrose.
Almost all sugar in beet molasses is sucrose, about 47%.
In addition, it contains 3%~4% soluble colloid, mainly xylose, Arabic gum and pectin.
The mineral content of molasses is high, about 8%~10%, but the content of calcium and phosphorus is not high, sugar cane molasses is higher than beet molasses.
The content of potassium, chlorine, sodium and magnesium in mineral elements is high, so molasses has laxative property.
General molasses vitamin content is low, but cane molasses in pantothenic acid content is high, up to 37mg/kg, in addition to biotin content is also considerable.
The purified sugar cane juice or beet juice is steamed and thickened to a sugar cream with crystals, and the mother liquor left after the crystallized sugar is separated by a centrifuge is called “honey”.
This first molasses also contains a large amount of sucrose, can be repeated on the method is the second, third molasses and so on.
The end result was a mother’s liquid which could not be resteamed into concentrated form and was called the Wastemolasses.
General single molasses refers to waste molasses, can be used as food or feed, also can be used for fermentation industry raw materials.

Molasses pump is generally used in food, pharmaceutical and other manufacturers, they have strict requirements on the food level of the pump, molasses as a high viscosity material, the use of high viscosity gear pump can better ensure its service life.
If molasses heating after delivery, the viscosity will be a little bit small, can choose a gear pump and other products at this moment, without heating, is bound to increase viscosity, at this point, high viscosity pump is the best choice, it not only internal structure is most suitable for high viscosity material, and it’s speed is relatively low, more can be a very good guarantee the service life of molasses pump, so the molasses choose high viscosity air operated diaphragm pump is the most sensible choice.