Magnetic pump development

With the rapid development of industry, the problem of environmental pollution should not be ignored.
Developed countries have realized that in the past chemical industry development process in the rapid neglect of environmental damage caused by the leakage problem, so with all accidental injury legislation in the early damage in the medium must be no leakage pump to pump, or must bear the additional high environmental costs.
The beauty of nature surrounds the leak-free pump to pump of mandatory environmental pollution since 2000.
Leak-free pumps will be available in pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical plants in Europe and the americas, and almost all media will use magnetic pump except water.
In addition to no leakage, no leakage pump, maintenance free, long life, and many other advantages.
The same is true in China, where the government and companies are gradually starting to reflect the initial stage of development and pay a high price, as the product of the economic development has reached a certain stage.
In the past two years, with the chlorine gas leakage of the circulating liquid, the toxic chemical medium pollution and the explosion of the chemical plant, causing environmental damage and making people realize the importance of safe production.
How to reduce leakage is increasingly an urgent issue for companies to produce, and even for government regulation and legislation to consider.

There are two kinds of leakage-free pump technology, one is the shield pump to Japan represented;
The other is the magnetic pump represented in Europe and the United States, a branch of nansheng company, was invented in 1946 in the United Kingdom HMD.
Despite the advantages of easy maintenance and simple operation of magnetic pumps relative to shielded pumps, shielded pumps were introduced long before magnetic pumps were enclosed in the market.
And magnetic pump quality, performance and application capacity has not been due to the affirmation, the reasons are various.
Some enterprise product design and manufacturing quality control is not enough, training the customer’s application and service concern is enough one of the main reasons.
In fact, magnetic pumps are widely used, especially for flammable, explosive, highly toxic, high power, high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion of the harsh liquid transport process.

Therefore, the development of the market is dominated by the increasingly updated user concept and the constantly innovative technology of the magnetic pump itself. The major manufacturers in the Chinese market focus on product quality and customer service, and more and more new occasions begin to use the magnetic pump.

The following are the application trends of magnetic pumps in each process:

(1) in the application process of high temperature medium, the rare earth magnetic material has been in 350 ℃ Sm2Co17 heat tolerance limit, wenzhou magneto pump industry using special resistance ring technology torque 4.5 ℃ magnetic pump will not appear any cooling.
High temperature, such as thermal oil in many applications, can save complex and costly cooling and sealing systems and improve reliability.

(2) corrosion of corrosive media, sealing in the application process is a big problem, but with the magnetic pump can be easily solved.
For some hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, you can use fluoroplastic lining magnetic pump.
Two hectares of alloy (C276, B2) can be used for acetic acid and high temperature corrosion medium.
Magnetic pumps using special alloy materials are a trend.

(3) the application of liquid chlorine transport process of this very dangerous medium, magnetic pump sealing technology development second.
If the pump is accidentally damaged, the second sealing system ensures that the medium does not leak.
Secondary seals can use magnetic seals or even dry gas seals.
Also configurable leak, temperature detector, anti – air protection technology to ensure!

(4) the application of mechanical seal high pressure system is a high pressure system problem, often under the condition of high pressure mechanical seal price is still high.
The pump and magnetic pump are very simple, as long as the isolation protection layer thickness increases while increasing.
It can handle the pressure of 350MPa magnetic pump system.

(5) is the application of the solidification process at room temperature of the liquid, with a simple coagulation or shielding pump mechanical seal will do both heat preservation and cooling.
Magnetic pump does not need cooling, can be made of double reed and steam insulation, suites, liquid curing guarantee pump.
And can cooperate with the use of temperature detector.

(6) the application of drug production process is different from that of domestic proprietary Chinese medicine, foreign pharmaceutical and chemical reactions of synthetic materials temperature cold current, heart heat, there are many harmful substances required in the process of magnetic pumps.
In addition to high pharmaceutical requirements for pump materials, all flow components must conform to food hygiene.
A series of international pharmaceutical novartis began investing in the GeChengYao tycoon device in China to analyze the market for magnetic pumps.

According to market research in Europe, global sales of processes and pumps have fallen by 20-30% over the past decade.
The various factors are mainly: first, the global economic downturn, leading to a decline;
The development of the second equipment in the new project shortens the process and reduces the number of equipment.
After the improvement of the pump manufacturing process, the improvement of the single processing capacity, the improvement of the life and reliability of the pump in decline.
This may be somewhat different from the current developments living in China, but there is one thing common to both home and abroad that is the rapid growth in sales of leak-free pumps.
According to the investigation report, the sales growth rate of 10 years without leakage pump exceeded 400%!
The culprit is a large segment of the market for leak-free pumps to replace mechanically sealed pumps, a trend that continues to grow.