Stainless steel gear pump application

1. For cooking oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, animal oil, essential oil, glycerin, sesame oil and other liquids, please choose stainless steel gear pump when conveying.
Stainless steel gear inside the piston pump: the gear has high temperature resistance and long service life.
Mechanical seal: corrosion resistance, no leakage, etc.
Stainless steel plate: wear resistant, corrosion resistant, long service life.
These configurations make the pump resistant to corrosion and do not contaminate the liquid when it is transported.
2. For beverage, fruit orange, vinegar, alkali, yogurt, grain oil, soy sauce and other liquids, zyb slag oil pump should be selected when transporting
When the particles pass the gear,
Being crushed will not cause damage to the gears.
A pair of gears in the pump body divides the internal space into two parts. When the gears rotate to draw in the area, negative pressure is generated.
Draw the liquid into the pump from the inlet to the outlet, forming a high pressure to discharge the liquid out of the pump body.
So this pump can work continuously for a long time.
3. Honey, sesame paste, bean paste, syrup, pear paste, royal jelly and so on.
NYP type high viscosity gear pump should be selected when conveying.
NYP high viscosity gear pump pump in the pump body of the gear and meniscus closely occupy each side of the rotor,
When the gear rotates, it will drive the rotor in the same direction. The gear has no wear, no pulsation and no noise.
This pump has a transmission viscosity of up to 300,000 CST, smooth operation, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and long service life.
Which gear pump to choose for food depends on the viscosity, flow, pressure, temperature and other characteristics of the liquid.