NYP Internal Gear Pump NYP160 NYP220 NYP320

NYP internal gear pump NYP160 NYP220 NYP320Today, we recommend a gear pump can transfers high viscosity liquids,That is Haina brand NYP Internal gear pump nyp160(inlet and outlet is 4 inch),nyp internal gear pump nyp220(inlet and outlet is 5 inch) and nyp internal gear pump nyp320(inlet and outlet is 5 inch) three models pump flow and head,motor power.NYP160 internal gear pump flow is 160L/100r,exhaust pressure 1.0MPA.NYP220 internal gear pump flow is 220L/100r,exhaust pressure 1.0MPA.NYP320 internal gear pump flow is 320L/100r,exhaust pressure 1.0MPA;
nyp24 gear pump with 4KW motor;nyp52 gear pump with 7.5kw motor;nyp111 gear pump with 15KW motor;
NYP Internal gear pump nyp160,nyp internal gear pump nyp220 and nyp internal gear pump nyp320 Use and structure:NYP gear pump used for transfer asphalt, glue, resin, toothpaste, etc.The pump consists of inner, outer rotor, shaft, pump body, front cover, bracket, seal, bearing, etc. Sealed with mechanical seal and packing seal, the packing seal is used for high temperature, high viscosity and corrosive medium.

NYP internal gear pump is mainly used for conveying high viscosity liquid, low speed and smooth operation.