FP reinforced polypropylene plastic centrifugal pumps

FP polypropylene centrifugal pump – GFR-PP Material



Pump name FP polypropylene centrifugal pump
Type FP, FPZ,
Model FP20-15-100/105, FP32-25-100/104, FP32-25-105/103, FP40-32-125/102, FP50-40-130/101.5, FP65-50-150/101, 80FP-28, 80FP-32.
Working Principle Centrifugal, Self-priming, Vortex
Applications Chemical Industry, Pharmacy, Acid Cleaning, Farm Chemicals,waste water treatment,etc.
Driver Electric
Working Temperature 14°C ~ 80°C
Type of connection Flange, Thread, Quick coupled
Installation position Horizontal,Vertical
Pump body Reinforced GFR-PP
Shaft seal: Straight association-like
Power 0.75KW ~ 7.5KW
Caliber: 20mm ~ 80mm
Flow 3m3/h ~ 50m3/h
Head 7m ~ 32m
Pressure 0.7 ~ 3.2bar
Product Features Widely used in chemical industry, food, brewing, pharmaceutical, electroplating, papermaking, environmental protection, water treatment and other departments, conveying acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids. The 104 model is used 220V voltage, can be used in the family.

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