IHF series fluorine plastic lined chemical pump

IHF Fluorine lined centrifugal pump & wetted parts F46

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Pump name: IHF Fluorine lined centrifugal pump
Type: IHF Series
Model: IHF25-20-125, IHF25-20-160, IHF32-25-125, IHF32-25-160, IHF40-25-125, IHF40-25-200, IHF40-32-250, IHF50-32-125, IHF50-32-160, IHF50-32-200, IHF50-32-250, IHF65-50-125, IHF65-50-160, IHF65-40-200, IHF65-40-250, IHF80-65-125, IHF80-65-160, IHF80-50-200, IHF80-50-250, IHF100-80-125, IHF100-80-160, IHF100-65-200, IHF100-65-250, IHF125-100-160, IHF125-100-200, IHF125-100-250.
Working Principle: Centrifugal
Applications:        Chemical Industry, Pharmacy, Acid Cleaning,Ammonia, Farm Chemicals,waste water treatment,etc.
Driver: Electric
Working Temperature 200°C(392°F)
Type of connection: Flange, Thread, Quick coupled
Installation position: Horizontal
Casing parts material: HT200+F46
Shaft seal:   Mechanical seal (Alumina VS tetrafluoride, silicon carbide VS tetrafluoride, carbide VS carbide, customizable)
Power: 0.55KW~110KW
Caliber:   20mm/125mm
Flow: 1.7m3/h~200m3/h
Pressure: 20m~125m
Product Features 1. IHF centrifugal pumps are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards in accordance with international standards. Its performance, rated performance points and dimensions are equivalent to the relevant international standards and national standards;

2. China HAINA  IHF pump body and the pump cover are made of a metal-based body lined with fluoroplastics, and the impeller is molded with a dedicated mold in the metal insert outsourcing fluoroplastic alloy;

3, a wide range of corrosion resistance, high strength and durability;

4. The shaft seal adopts advanced exterior-type bellows mechanical seal, and the world-advanced SSIC industrial ceramics are used for the moving and stationary ring of the grinding, and other materials can also be used according to the user’s special working conditions to grind the material.


5, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, sealing, easy installation, easy maintenance.

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