Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps
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Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

Material: stainless steel、PTFE
Installation mode: horizontal
USED:chemical industry

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Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps is applicable to petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, electroplating, environmental protection, food, film developing, water treatment, defense and other industries, is conveying inflammable, explosive, volatilization, poisonous, rare and precious liquids and ideal equipment of various kinds of corrosive liquid.Is suitable for conveying suction pressure no greater than 0.2 mpa, the maximum working pressure of 1.6 million mpa, temperature not to exceed 100 degrees Celsius, the density of not more than 1600 kilograms/stere, viscosity is not greater than 30X10-6 square metre/m does not contain the liquid of hard particles and fibers.

Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps use

Chemical industry:
Sodium carbonate chemical industry (hydrochloric acid, secondary fluoric acid, secondary chemical production);
Fluoride, chemical fertilizer production;
Gas absorption column reaction liquid cycle;
Oil extraction (sulfuric acid);
Waste acid recovery and regeneration system;
Strong acid transport between chemical plants and transport vehicles.
Agent business:
The production of electroluminescent chemicals (EL), pesticides, pharmaceuticals and water treatment chemicals used in semiconductors.
Electroplating industry:
Circulating filtration of all kinds of electroplating solution.
Photo industry:
Instant camera system;
X-light, black and white, color, stereo images of the sun.
Electrical appliance industry:
Production of electrolyte capacitors (etching of aluminum film);
In the manufacture of dry batteries and batteries, the electrolyte is transported.
Etching of circuit boards;
High purity chemicals are transported in semiconductor manufacturing process.
Metal industry:
Aluminum oxide film processing equipment;
Wire drawing, steel rolling oil removal and pickling;
Removal of oil and pickling before vehicle painting;
Titanium oxide, rare earth elements production, etc.
Mining industry:
Metal smelting (conveying and circulating electrolyte);
Washing treatment of waste liquid.
Food industry:
Production of gluconic acid (hydrochloric acid);
Extraction of edible oil (sulfuric acid);
Canned fruit industry (hydrochloric acid).
Health care:
Artificial kidney, heart and lung, ultrasonic cleaning machine and various medical equipment.
Water treatment:
Cleaning ion exchange resin;
Pure water production equipment;
Desalination equipment.
Pollution control:
Add sewage treatment chemicals to liquid medicine tanks;
Collecting and conveying waste liquid;
Exhaust gas absorption equipment (deodorization equipment, exhaust gas desulfurization).
Application in silver recovery, wafer manufacturing, experimental factory, refrigerator, drink machine, life of boiler, heat exchanger, solar system, bleaching, laser systems and other fields and fountain, fish pond, ornamental fish tank circulation use.

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