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Inline Pump

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Name:ISG/ISW Inline pump
ISG:vertical ISW:horizontal
Manufacturer:China haina pumps
Main datas:(2900RPM)
Capacity( flow rate):6.5~240m3/h
Head :16~125 m
Main datas:(1450RPM)
Capacity( flow rate):3.25~400m3/h
Head :4~125 m

Max speed:3500rpm
Max working temperature:120°C
Max pressure:1.6 Mpa
Medium:clean water or similar to clean water liquid with no solid

Inline pump Usage

1.Cleanout system.
2.Every series of food machining and medicine produce
3.Environment protect system.
4.Waste water treatment for papermaking, metallurgy, galvanization, smelting, dye.
5.Electroplate and Dyeing system.
6.Industrial and chemical sump treatment
7.Explosion proof motor for oil, alcohol and other explosive liquid

Inline pump summary

Pumps type ISG/ISW is a kind of axial suction centrifugal pump with single stage and suction
It is used to pump clear water and physical or chemical liquid similar to clear water below 120°C, and is widely applied to industries, to city water supply and drain, and also to agricultural and orchard irrigation.
Inline pump is of simple structure, reliable performance, small body, light weight,high efficiency, low noise, tiny vibra, little NPSH and easy in maintenance.
Pump type have 29 main type and 151 sizes, but only 4 shafts and 4 mounting frames are utilized on it. So the interchangeability or parts is more than 91%.

1, smooth operation, excellent static and dynamic balance absolute concentricity impeller of pump shaft, ensure smooth operation, no vibration.
2, zero leakage: hard alloy seal with different material to ensure the different media conveying no leakage.
3, haina inline pump low noise, two pumps under low noise bearings, smooth operation, except slight sound of motor basic no noise.
4, low failure rate, simple and reasonable structure, key parts adopting fittings with international first-rate quality, greatly improve the machine trouble-free working hours.
5, easy maintenance, replacement of sealing, bearing, simple and convenient.

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