Split Case Pump
Split Case PumpChina Split Case Pump with motorS series Split Case Pump ChinaSplit Case Pump Made in china haina pumps

Split Case Pump

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Example: 150S97
150:The suction diameter is 150mm
S:Single stage double suction horizontal split case pump
97:The head

Capacity:20-12000 m3/hr
Operating pressure:2.5MPa
Liquid temperature:≤105°C

Split case pump INTRODUCTION
Type S china split case pump made in china haina pumps,it is used to transfer clean water with a Max.temperature pumped not more than 80° and other liquid which have a similar physical and chemical character. If the bearing on both sides of pump are cooled by water, the temperature can be up to 130°. According to the customer’s specific order requirements, this series pumps can meet different conditions.

Split case pump APPLICATION
Mainly suitable for waterworks, air conditioning circulation water, heating pipe network system,building water supply,irrigation and drainage pumping stations, power plants, industrial water supply , fire-fighting systems, ship industry, mining drainage and other liquid applications.

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