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Screw Oil Pump

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We manufacture the screw oil pump in China, we have three screw oil pump, double screw pump and single screw pump.

Three screw oil pump USES:

Used to transfer temperature 150 ℃ or less and viscosity of 5 to 760 CST, not containing solid particles, non-corrosive, has the lubrication performance of the medium.
Apply pressure range: 0.6 to 2.5 Mpa;
Applicable flow range: 0.6-123 m3 / h.
Manufacturer:haina pump
Mainly used in fuel transfer, hydraulic engineering, Marine engineering, petrochemical and other industries.
Three screw pump advantages:
(1) medium for linear continuous transmission, without stirring, without a ripple;
(2) the little vibration, low noise;
(3) high pressure, high efficiency;
(4) simple structure, easy to tear open outfit;
(5) small size light weight,
(6) minor wear and tear, long life.

Double screw oil pump

Traffic: 0-2000 m3 / h pressure: 0-4.0 MPa
Viscosity: 0-3 x106cst temperature: 2800 c or less
Manufacturer:haina pump
Medium viscosity was 1-1500 / s, lower viscosity of rotational speed can achieve/s. 3 * 106 was 4.0 MPA pressure range.Flow range: 1-2000 m2 / h;- 15 ℃ to 320 ℃ temperature range.

single-screw oil pump

Manufacturer:haina pump
G type of single screw pump is a kind of internal gear is closed, the pump rotor type positive displacement pump, owing to the pump for medium adaptability is strong, smooth flow, small pressure fluctuation, self-priming capacity, high this is irreplaceable by any other kind of pump.My factory on foreign production of single screw pump products and domestic industry, the analysis and research, to the reform and innovation of their products.Now our product has become a system oneself, less component, compact structure, small volume, convenient maintenance, this pump rotor and stator is wearing parts, simple structure, convenient for installation.Lift is 60-120 – m, can meet the different needs of users of single screw oil pump.
Three Screw Oil Pump

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