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Gear Pump KCB-1200 KCB-1800 KCB-3800

Gear Pump KCB 1200, KCB 1600, KCB 3800 gear pump KCB-1200 gear pump: flow is 1200 L/min ,Discharge pressure: 0.6 MPA;with 37 kw-8 p motor inlet and outlet diameter: 150 mm KCB-1800 gear pump: flow is 1800 L/min ,Discharge pressure: 0.6 MPA; with 55 kw- 8p motor pump inlet and outlet of diameter: 200 mm KCB-3800 gear pump: flow 3800 L/min ,Discharge pressure: 0.6 MPA ; with 110 kw-6 p motor pump inlet and outlet diameter: 250 mm Material: cast iron, stainless steel, copper, alloy steel Note: these three KCB brought about major changes on the shape of the gear pump, the price also than KCB960 gear pump to improve a lot.