Gear Pump KCB200 KCB960 KCB1600 KCB3800

Tady,We introduce four specifications of the KCB gear pumpgear pump kcb200,gear pump kcb960,gear pump kcb1600,gear pump kcb3800, the pump flow of these models is 200L/min, 960L/min,1600L/min and 3800L/min respectively, the pressure is 0.33 MPA and 0.6MMPA, and the motor is respectively:
KCB200 gear pump with 4KW motor ,KCB960 gear pump with 18.5 KW motor ,KCB1600 gear pump with 45KW motor ,KCB3800 gear pump with 110KW motor

Gear Pump kcb200 ,Gear pump kcb960 ,gear pump kcb1600, gear pump kcb3800 Structure: A safety valve is provided as an overload protection, and the full return pressure of the relief valve is 1.5 times the rated discharge pressure of the pump. It can also be adjusted according to actual needs in the range of allowable discharge pressure. But note that the valve can not be used for the long-term work of the pressure-reducing valve. It can be installed separately on the road when necessary. In the oil transfer system for transmission, booster pump; The KCB55 gear pump can be used as conveying, pressurizing, jet fuel oil pump in fuel system; The KCB gear pump can be used in the hydraulic drive system to provide hydraulic power hydraulic pumps. Lubricating oil pump can be used in all industrial fields. The pump seal adopts mechanical seal and packing seal. The stainless steel gear pump can be used as a corrosive medium

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