Hot oil pump impeller is introduced

We often see on hot oil pump impeller balance hole, but I don’t know balance hole the size of the number is based on what to order?Impeller to distance to balance hole on the back of the role of the influential?
Hot oil pump impeller balance hole is primarily balance of axial force, which is associated with sealing ring gap.We know that heat pump axial force is derived from the differential pressure of impeller front and back cover.Because the former carries oil inlet, botou haina is a complete plane, the area of different pressure is generated by the pressure differential.If the force is not big, the bearing can withstand, could be solved through bearing.When multi-stage pump, or impeller is too large, the axial force is not the bearing, we must take other corresponding axial force balancing mechanism.Such as the balance disc, balancing drum, balance hole, etc.Balance hole has simple structure, convenient processing is a commonly used equilibrium structure.We know that the pressure difference between before and after impeller cover plate, the main influence factor is the front cover for the oil inlet hole, the area is small a piece, so the HouGaiBan must have a sealed chamber, its area is roughly the same as the inlet area (in order to convenient manufacturing, before and after taking ring is the same, you can save a parts).Thus HouGaiBan the balance holes should be sealed room, from the hot oil pump impeller inlet direction, balance hole should be set in the hot oil pump impeller import parts (favorable) liquid.In order to make the machine to receive strength evenly in the impeller, balance hole should be in the same uniform in diameter.Balance hole size, because the flow is mainly the action of the balance holes static pressure, so the balance hole diameter is not big, usually 3 to 5 mm.

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