Hot Oil Pump

Hot oil pump is a single-stage centrifugal pump, applicable temperature: less than 370 degrees Celsius. Flow 1-500 cubic meters per hour.Manufacturer and suppliers is china Botou Haina Pump Industry CO.,Ltd.
Support of hot oil pump adopts the structure of the double end ball bearing supporting, front-end used lubricating oil, the back end lubricated by grease, with an oil conduit in the middle, to observe the conditions of sealing and recovery of heat conduction oil.

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1. Install bearing respectively on the bearing box and housings.
2. The circle will be felt in a bearing end cover a, c, and bearing box.
3. The bearing end cover b, c on the bearing seat and bolts.
4. Will pack good bearing wear on the shaft bearing box, round nut on the screw, and the bearing end cover a fastening on the bearing box.
5. The axial load bearing, bolted, screw the adjusting screw, and the bearing installed on the bearing seat, will block water trap at lower bearing appropriate location.
6. The connecting tube fixed on the bearing seat, and pump cover on the connecting tube bottoms, mount and tighten the impeller, at the bottom of the shaft in turn mount pump devices for cover, and bolted, the adjustment screw impeller with bearing box with clearance between the front cover, (control within 1 ~ 1.5 mm) set with nut, bolt fastening.
7. Bolt, motor bearing is installed on the bearing seat at the top of the shaft coupling components, and the motor shaft coupling with fastening screw fastening on the motor shaft, the motor installed on the motor bearing, and bolt, nut fastening.
8. From the pump export order to asbestos mat, bend, the liquid components of produced liquid, and fixed bearing seat.

Hot oil pump operation specification
This standard specifies the operation staff must abide by the safety rules of heat conduction oil pump (2) of this standard is only Yu Zhongrong environmental equipment workshop heat conduction oil pump station 2, before the start of preparation
1) check the oil pump machine lubricating oil is in the calibration of the center line, avoid too high or too low;
2) check the pump parts with or without fixed connection screw loose coupling two shaft position is concentric, end clearance fits (3-5 mm);
3) turning 3-5 circle whether rotating flexible, the presence of resistance and noise;
4) the transmission of heat conduction oil before driving to uniform heating, preheating is using the heat conduction oil to be delivered through the pump body, should avoid sharp fluctuations in temperature, if there are any abnormal situation, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check.
Preheating standard: shall not be lower than the temperature of the pump shell inlet oil temperature 40 ℃, preheat temperature of 50 ℃ /, when driving preheating pour on the pump bracket screw loose 0.3 0.5 mm, preheating should tighten the screw.3, startup and operation
1) rotate the start button, observe the pump to correct, pressure, current and sound and vibration of pump operation is normal, otherwise stop immediately;
2) the hot oil centrifugal pump speed is normal, then slowly open the outlet valve of the pump, and to adjust to the required pump pressure and flow rate.The output gate valve in the line before the close of the case, pump continuous work no more than 3 minutes.

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