KCB 483.3 Gear Pump (2CY29/0.36 Gear Pump)


KCB-483.3 said traffic is 483.3 litres per minute,29 cube/hour, the pump outlet pressure is 0.36 MPA,alias:2cy29/0.36 gear pump,power: 7.5 KW-4,11KW-4 motor
Material: cast iron, copper, stainless steel, alloy steel
Sealing way: packing seal, mechanical seal
Depending on the medium to choose corresponding material KCB-483.3 gear pump, so that the pump to the best effect.
I plant production KCB gear pump series products for many years, has a wealth of experience, advanced processing equipment, precision processing, the material guarantee to improve the service life of the gear pump.Welcome general customers consultation and order KCB 483.3 gear pump.