kcb-83.3 gear pump (2CY5/0.33 gear pump)

kcb-83.3 gear pump

KCB-83.3 gear pump (2cy5/0.33 gear pump)
Traffic:5 m3/h pressure: 0.33 MPA, pump in and out of diameter: 1.5 inch threaded connections.
Motor power: 2.2 KW, the motor can be divided into ordinary and explosion-proof motor, conventional is 380v/50 hz, if there is any change, please notice.
KCB83.3 gear pump material: cast iron, copper, alloy steel, stainless steel.
If you are interested in KCB83.3 the gear pump, please call my company sales.
Straight through the pump and motor coupling, motor speed is 1420 RPM, if carrying liquid viscosity can match or deceleration motor frequency conversion motor, here are some pictures for your reference.
Alloy steel material about 5 times than ordinary steel long service life, the biggest characteristic is wear-resisting, long service life, widely used in conveying the impurities have certain lubrication oil.

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kcb-83.3 gear pump (2CY5/0.33 gear pump) stainless steel materials