MONO PUMP Introduction

HAINA Stay focused on mono pump product innovation and development,To improve the quality of products,Improve the product after-sales service, we maintain close ties with the customers.Sincerity is our principle, positive forward, innovation spirit, after years of efforts, make HAINA product sales to the petroleum, chemical, electric power, papermaking, environmental protection, metallurgy, coal, food, pharmaceutical, drainage works and other industries.

Haina pumps mono pump it’s a volume pump,The pump speed can be changed by means of coupling and pump connection, or belt, gear box, speed regulating motor, etc.Flow: 0.8-150m3/ h, pressure 0.4-1.2 MPa.

Haina mono pump compare with other pumps advantage Structure and work characteristics;Compared with asphalt pump, centrifugal pump, vane pump and gear pump have the following advantages: mono pump can deliver high viscosity liquid,The flow is uniform, the pressure is stable, the low speed is more obvious. The flow rate is proportional to the speed of the pump, so it has good variable adjustment.
mono pump can deliver different viscosity liquid, mono pump installation position can be tilted arbitrarily. mono pump small size, light weight, low noise, simple structure and convenient maintenance.haina mono pump Use non-toxic, tasteless rubber,Working temperature 120℃.