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KCB Lube oil pump

Flow:0.6-570 Cubic meters per hour
Discharge pressure:0.3-1.45MPA
Manufacturer:haina pump
KCB mainly include gear, gear pump shaft, pump body, valve, shaft end seal.Gear after heat treatment with high hardness and strength, and shaft installed in the replaceable shaft sleeve.In all parts of the lubrication pump are pump work automatically to achieve using the output media.

YCB lube oil pump

Flow:0.6-60 Cubic meters per hour
Discharge pressure:0.6-2.5MPA
Manufacturer:haina pump
YCB lube oil pump is a new energy-saving, gear pump with high efficiency, low noise, large flow, etc.Suitable for conveying containing no solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature is not higher than 80 ℃, the viscosity of 5 x 10-6-1.5 x 10-3 m2 / s (5 to 1500 CST) nature of lubricating oil or other liquids, such as lubricating oil, and used in hydraulic transmission systems.

3G lube oil pump

Flow:0.6-270 Cubic meters per hour
Discharge pressure:0.6-6MPA
Manufacturer:haina pump
3G lube oil pump is used to transfer temperature 250 ℃, the viscosity of 3 or less – 760 CST, not containing solid particles, non-corrosive, has the lubrication performance of the medium.3G lube oil pump is mainly used in the fuel delivery, 3g oil pump hydraulic engineering machinery and heavy machinery, ships and Marine engineering, oil tank and printing and dyeing industry, chemical industry, petrochemical and other industries.

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