Stainless steel gear pump flow and curve

Stainless steel gear pump flow and curveA linear relationship with stainless steel gear pump flow rate and rotational speed, relative to the low speed of the stainless steel pump, high speed of the stainless steel pump, can increase the flow and head but power obviously increase, high speed accelerate the abrasion between the rotor and stator, must make the stainless steel pump premature failure, and high speed stainless steel pump stator length is very short, easy to wear and tear, thus shortens the service life of the screw pump.By retarding mechanism or to reduce the speed stepless speed regulation mechanism, keep the speed under three hundred revolutions per minute, within the scope of the reasonable compared with the high-speed operation of the stainless steel pump, can prolong service life of a few times.
Stainless steel pump because it was to be variable transmission, strong self-priming capacity, reversible, can transport liquid containing solid particles, etc, in the sewage treatment plant, widely used in conveying water, wet sludge and flocculant solution.Screw pump selection should follow the principle of economic, reasonable and reliable.Thoughtless if the selection in the design, will be trouble for later use, management, maintenance, so choose a according to the actual production needs, reasonable and reliable screw pump can not only ensure production run smoothly, but also reduce the repair cost.
Stainless steel pump in use will often appear some, short service life of gear and thrust plate wear away the phenomenon of fast, especially in the medium of conveying without lubrication or poor lubricity, gear pump gear will wear quickly, seal leak, the north hong I pump industry technical personnel to the actual working conditions of products and field analysis, finally find out the problem.
Main reason is that in selecting stainless steel gear pump is the pump transmission medium is not enough to understand, the material of pump selection is not accurate, conventional stainless steel gear pump gear pump pump body are usually adopted 304 stainless steel material, gear adopted 304 stainless steel material or 1 cr13 material, at the same time, heat treatment or nitriding treatment, stainless steel shaft sleeve is chosen mostly will steel back of composite bearing sets, spindle choose 23 cr13, more practical material combinations for conveying a lubricity medium can completely, but if used for conveying containing impurities or lubricity and poor lubricity of dielectric material hardness is not big enough, material wear resistance and fatigue resistance is poor, in the case of a gear pump with high concentricity of the motor gear wear is a little slower, a little difference if the concentricity of the gear pump and motor so each parts wear and tear of the gear pump will be very fast.Once the axle housing and gear wear and tear of the gear shaft can produce beats then it is good to seal leakage.
Transmission of acid-base class media have stainless steel gear pump is generally more, this kind of media is often very low viscosity., because of its high thermal expansion coefficient of 304 stainless steel manufacturers in the assembly of stainless steel pump generally consider the affected by the temperature rise will cause, holding shaft gear pump, holding in death of the phenomenon, when assembling stainless steel pump so general clearance will be larger.Due to the medium to low viscosity, combined with large internal clearance can cause stainless steel pump gear pump does not suck or insufficient capacity and head of the phenomenon.
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