Chemical Pump Manufacturers

Chemical pump manufacturer and chemical pump for sale:china botou haina pump Industry CO.,Ltd
Material:stainless steel or ptfe
Type:Centrifugal pumps or gear pumps

chemical pump for sale Chemical Pump Manufacturers

Chemical pump USES:
Open pump, the suction pipe and pump must be filled with liquid.After open pump, high-speed rotating impeller, the liquid with the blades rotate together, in under the action of centrifugal force, fly away from the impeller to injection, injection of the liquid in the pump shell gradually spread of indoor speed slow, pressure increase gradually, and then from the pump discharge, the discharge pipe flow.At this point, in the center of the blade due to liquid was dumped into the surrounding formation is no air and no liquid vacuum low pressure area, fluid in the pool liquid under the action of atmospheric pressure on surface of the pool, the suction pipe into the pump, the liquid is continuously from the liquid pool was sucking up and continuously from the discharge pipe flow.

According to the different chemical pump material classification on its application fields
1) chemical pump (stainless steel) is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, synthetic fibre, pharmacy, food, synthetic fiber and other departments for alkaline corrosion medium;
2) chemical pump (fluorine plastic material) used for conveying any acidic and alkaline corrosion medium;
3) chemical pump (cast iron material) used for industry, urban water supply, water drainage, can also be used in farmland, orchard irrigation and drainage, for conveying water or other liquids similar to water physical and chemical properties.

Chemical pump classification according to the transmission medium
1) water pump: including the fresh water pump, boiler feed pump, condensate pump, hot water pump.
2) corrosion resistant pump, including stainless steel pump, high silicon cast iron pump, ceramic acid pump, not permeability graphite pump, hard rubber, hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pump, shield pump, diaphragm pump, titanium pump, etc.
3) impurity pump: including pulverized coal slurry pump, sand pump, sewage pump, pump, ash pump, etc.
4) the oil pump, oil pump cold, heat pumps, submersible pump, slurry pump, liquid hydrocarbon pump, etc.


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