China Three Screw Pump’s Development

Three phylogeny and working principle of screw pump,china three screw pump‘s development, to the present botou haina pump a large enterprise brilliant.
A, about the history of the three screw pump:
German resistance chi company is the world’s first inventor of the three screw pump
Warren is located in Massachusetts, in 1890 invented the world’s first double three screw pump
Houttuin company is located in the Netherlands, in 1929, invented the first pair of three screw pump
Three screw pump was invented in 1931 by the Swedish company IMO and manufacturing
Has a history of 153, in 1934, designing and manufacturing the world’s first external bearing double three screw pump
Founded in 1956 to potow Pump valve group is botou haina pump industry CO., Ltd’s predecessor, is the birthplace of the first three screw Pump in our country.Second, the working principle of single three screw pump.Botou Haina Pump Industry CO., Ltd is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of china three screw Pump.Its products are widely used in petroleum, chemical and other production-oriented enterprises.Three single screw pump is a kind of method of eccentric rotary positive displacement pump, pump of the main components: a single head screw rotor and a usually made of elastic material has a pun spiral stator, when the rotor is scheduled to give a planet revolving round the axis of the stator inside the cavity, airtight wrist is formed between the stator along the spiral rotor displacement;So will continuous medium, uniform, and the constant volume from the suction to the pressure side, based on the characteristics of single working condition of three screw pump is particularly suitable for the following work.
Transport high viscosity medium: depending on the size of the pump can transport from 37000-200000 centipoise medium viscosity.
Medium containing particles or fibers: grain diameter can this 30 mm (no more than the rotor eccentricity).Fibre length can be 350 mm (0.4 quite a bit of rotor pitch).Its content can be up to 40% of the medium cellar general solid if the medium is the fine powder shape, the highest content of 60% or higher can also transport.Require delivery pressure stability, inherent media structure destroyed, choose single three-screw pump delivery is most ideal.

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