China Hot Oil Pump History

Hot oil pump start from 2001, after 5 years of development, China hot oil pump industry started from its early into the growth period.Since the 1970 s, hot oil pump industry has entered a golden age, the study of hot oil pump work in all countries of the world attaches great importance to, such as the international energy agency and the European Union, have made a big hot oil pump development plans, hot oil pump new technology emerge in endlessly, the purpose of the hot oil pump is also in constant development, widely used in air conditioning and industrial areas, in terms of energy saving and environment protection plays a significant role.Before the international energy agency set up international heat pump center, the project set up hot oil pump, to countries in the world to promote coordination of heat pump technology application and development.The United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries have a special government official guidance, promote social application of heat pump technology.
China hot oil pump industry rapid development, the theory of hot oil pump originated in the early 19th century French scientists saadi.Botou Haina Pump Industry CO.,Ltd manufacture hot oil pump,Cano (Sadikarnot), cano in 1824 for the first time in this paper puts forward that “carnot cycle” theory, 30 years later, a British scientist kelvin (l. elvin) in early 1850, put forward: frozen device can be used for heating, after a lot of work on many of the scientists and engineers to heat pump, the last 80 years.On the one hand, thanks to the nervous energy heat pump energy saving advantage more and more obvious, on the other hand, with the addition of various power industry technology innovation.

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