MONO PUMP Introduction

HAINA Stay focused on mono pump product innovation and development,To improve the quality of products,Improve the product after-sales service, we maintain close ties with the customers.Sincerity is our principle, positive forward, innovation spirit, after years of efforts, make HAINA product sales to the petroleum, chemical, electric power, papermaking, environmental protection, metallurgy, coal, food, pharmaceutical, drainage works and other industries. Haina pumps mono pump it’s a volume pump,The pump speed can be changed by means of coupling and pump connection, or belt, gear box, speed regulating motor, etc.Flow: 0.8-150m3/ h, pressure 0.4-1.2 MPa. Haina mono pump compare with other pumps advantage Structure and work characteristics;Compared with asphalt pump, centrifugal pump, vane pump and gear pump have the following advantages: mono pump can deliver high viscosity liquid,The flow is uniform, the pressure is stable, the low speed is more obvious. The flow rate is proportional to the speed of the pump, so it has good variable adjustment. mono pump can deliver different viscosity liquid, mono pump installation position can be tilted arbitrarily. mono pump small size, light weight, low noise, simple structure and convenient maintenance.haina mono pump Use non-toxic, tasteless rubber,Working temperature 120℃.


Asphalt Gear Pump Maintenance

Gear wear maintenance: Gear wear and tear parts mainly tooth meshing of the working face and the gear involute, the plane.Mild wear, tooth surface grinding oil bill chan, two platforms and lapping repair the light on the tablet.Face serious wear and tear of the gear should be replaced when new gear, if only the ends of the gear surface wear, light on the surface grinding machine grinding. Axis wear maintenance: asphalt gear pump axis wear mainly because on both ends of the shaft and friction and wear between the supporting roller, the smaller the diameter of axle.If it is a mild wear, mooring Thai bond by a layer of hard chromium plating, to increase the shaft diameter size, the shaft.If worn axis, it should be 45 steel or 40 cr steel to manufacture, shaft blank after the coarse and fine car, bearing parts to heat treatment, hardness of HRC60-65, and then after grinding, make bearing fit parts surface roughness Ra is not more than 0.32 microns;Shaft roundness and cylindricity tolerance is 0.005 mm;Cooperate with gear parts according to the H7 / h6, surface roughness Ra should be no greater than 0.63 microns. Here I would like to suggest that the asphalt gear pump is often used with china hot oil pump. Pump with needle bearing repair replacement: In the pump parts after repair, needle roller bearings should be replaced.Requirements for needle is: all the size of the needle diameter error must not exceed 0.003 mm, length tolerance is 0.1 mm, should cooperate with axial clearance in O.O LMM around;Needle assembly according to quantity requirement with the bearing shell, needle between parallel arrangement.


Extend the life of the stainless steel gear pump

1, Gear pump selection and installation Gear pump should be carried out in ss gear pump manufacturer specification of accordance with the liquid delivery by choice, performance, and check the need analysis of the suction and discharge conditions, is intermittent operation or continuous operation, etc.Usually should be in or near the manufacturer design rules of pressure and flow rate under the condition of operation.When the pump installation should undertake the following review: (1) basic size, location, elevation should meet the design requirements, the anchor bolts must be properly and correctly fixed in the concrete foundation, the machine should not be missing parts, damage or corrosion, and so on and so forth; (2) according to the properties of the pump is conveying medium, when necessary, should check the main parts, shaft seal and gasket material; (3) the leveling of the pump, is to get a job should comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents, without rules, should be consistent with the current national standard “mechanical equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of the general regulations; (4) all the pipe connected to the pump body, the installation of the pipe and oil pipeline cleaning requirements shall comply with the provisions of the relevant national standards. 2, the use of stainless steel gear pump The test run of electric gear oil pump shall meet the following requirements: (1) the steering should be the same as the pump to drive; (2) find out the pipes and coaxial pump to; (3) all the fixed connection parts should not loose, the lubrication parts filling specification and quantity of lubricant should comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents;Botou city tai bang the products of the pump valve manufacturing co., LTD (4) there is a requirement for prelubricated prelubricated part should be in accordance with the provisions; (5) the indicating instrument, safety protection devices shall be sensitive, accurate, and reliable; 6. Barring should be flexible, no abnormal phenomenon; 7) should be done before the china hot oil pump in the test run the pump body preheating, temperature rise should be uniform, should not be greater than the temperature of 500 ℃ per hour;Pump body surface and has a working medium import process piping temperature difference should not be greater than 4090; Was set up to eliminate the influence of temperature rise of connection device, bypass connection device to provide cooling water. stainlessRead More…


ss gear pump start-up step

kcb/2cy/ycb model ss gear pump mainly by gear, shaft, pump body and sealing, medium to strong adaptation, so more and more in industrial use it everywhere, but we use KCB stainless steel gear pump for the first time it is important to note a few points, correct operation and use can increase the service life of the gear pump. 1: check whether the turning of the gear pump with the same direction. 2: turn the coupling with the hand, check the rotation is recorded live. 3: used for the first time open the inlet valve filling liquid. 4: then there is read haina brand stainless steel gear pump operation instruction, according to the instruction to use Above hope can bring you some help, share, welcome all customers to our factory to order ss gear pump. This article is written by the China pumps. Continue to browse:magnetic drive centrifugal pumps | China Hot Oil Pump | Submersible Pump


SS Gear Pump Manufacturer | SS Gear Pump Applications

SS gear pump applications   Stainless steel gear pump widely used in chemical industry, food, etc.Vegetable oil can be transferred, chemical raw materials.Models have KCB gear pump, Ycb gear pump, gear pump can transfer of high viscosity liquids (such as asphalt, glue, etc.) At the same time the pump made of stainless steel can also magnetic drive pump, advantage is no seal leakage.Haina pump is ss gear pump manufacturer, has many years of manufacturing experience, we have any requirements, please contact us. The author:China pump manufacturer